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Looking Glass says it can turn any photo into a hologram

Add an extra dimension to your memories.
Looking Glass Factory turns photo into 3D hologram
Looking Glass Factory
Jon Fingas
Jon Fingas|@jonfingas|January 6, 2021 10:00 AM

Holographic displays aren’t much use unless you have something to look at, and Looking Glass Factory thinks it has a simple solution: turn your existing photos into holograms. The company is winding down its crowdfunding campaign for its Portrait display by announcing a cloud-based service that aims to turn any 2D photo into a hologram you can see on the upcoming screen. You just have to send in a picture and a machine learning system will create a depth map that (hopefully) turns it into a holographic wonder.

It doesn’t matter how you captured the image, or even whether or not it’s a real-life shot. You can create a 3D rendition of a comic book panel, if that’s your thing.

Looking Glass plans to launch the service in spring 2021 alongside the Portrait display itself. It will normally cost $20 to convert 100 photos to holograms, but those who’ve backed the frame (starting with a $249 pledge) will get their first 20 conversions for free if the campaign reaches $2.5 million by January 14th. This is meant more for converting your family photo album or your phone portrait catalog than upgrading images on a whim.

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Looking Glass says it can turn any photo into a hologram