HBO to host ‘groundbreaking’ ‘Lovecraft Country’ VR events

A select 100 will attend the VR event, while the rest of us can watch and interact from YouTube.


HBO is commemorating the release of its show, Lovecraft Country, in a unique way with a series of three VR events it describes as “first-of-its-kind.” Lovecraft Country: Sanctum will transport guests into a world inspired by the show, according to a statement from HBO. A group of 100 “select influential voices” will be invited to experience the events via Oculus Quest headset, while fans will be able to watch and interact over a YouTube livestream.

These influential guests can expect to be immersed in theater, escape rooms, afrofuturist art installations, puzzles and a live concert from a to-be-announced rap artist, according to the statement. Actors from the series, including Jonathan Majors, Courtney B. Vance, Michael Kenneth Williams, will lend their voices to the events, while Jurnee Smollett will deliver a theatrical performance. Given the current state of the world, all aspects of these events will be delivered virtually.

As guests with VR headsets experience the events, they will be able to talk and interact with each other through the platform VRChat. Those watching on the YouTube livestream will also be able to interact in real-time, including solving riddles and triggering spells that “directly impact the experience.”

HBO partnered with global creative partner The Mill to create an “alternate universe,” as The Mill’s Executive Creative Director Rama Allen described it. “We created Sanctum as a space to expand the possibilities of what the future of theatre, games, art installations, concerts, and live events can be,” he said.

“Event #1: Garden of Eden” will be held 10 PM ET on Thursday, September 3rd. “Event #2: An American Dream” is scheduled for 10 PM ET on Thursday, September 24th. “Event #3: Music of the Cosmos” will take place 10 PN ET on Monday, October 19th. More information can be found at