Mac and Linux games leave Humble Bundle’s Trove after January 31st

The service is shifting to a Windows-only launcher on February 1st.

La Bicicleta Vermella via Getty Images

If you're on Humble Bundle and use a Mac or a Linux computer, you may want to download all the games you can from the service's Trove before the month ends. Starting on February 1st, the Mac and Linux versions of the games in the Humble Trove will no longer available. The Humble Trove is a catalog of over 70 DRM-free games that you can access, so long as you have a Choice subscription. A few days ago, Humble announced that it's simplifying its subscription service by offering a single $12 monthly plan that gives you permanent copies of all the games for that month.

In addition to getting access to Trove, you'll also also be able to play the Humble Games Collection with a more modern collection of titles starting in February if you subscribe. To be able to access the games in the Humble Trove and Collection, though, you will have to download the service's new app. That new app is Windows only, leaving you out completely in case you're a Mac or Linux user. Humble has already started sending users an email, reminding them that they only have until January 31st to download games if they're not on Windows. The email also says that the Windows versions of all the available games will continue to be available going forward.