EA will remove the Washington pro football team's name in 'Madden 21'

Removal (and eventual replacement) will occur via a software update.


On Monday the Washington football team announced that after years of insisting on using a racial slur as its name, it will rebrand ahead of the upcoming season. While establishing a new name and logo for a pro sports team in just a few months is already a gargantuan task, it also impacts the next release of EA’s Madden NFL game.

In a statement given first to Kotaku, the company confirmed “Changes to the name and logo will come via title updates that will download automatically.” They won’t be able to change every instance of the name right away, but the first changes should tweak the game’s commentary, uniforms, stadium art and similar areas.

With the new name still TBD — ESPN reports an announcement will happen “soon” — EA will first update Madden with a generic Washington name and logo, then replace things again with whatever the team decides it will use now. Madden NFL 21 is scheduled for release on August 25th.

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