Maryland residents can now add driver's licenses to Apple Wallet

It's only the second state to support the digital ID feature amid a slow rollout.

Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

Residents of Maryland can now add their driver’s license or state ID to Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch. Users there will be able to verify their identity digitally, though there are limited use cases for the Maryland Mobile ID program for now.

At present, IDs in Wallet are only really useful at certain Transportation Security Administration checkpoints at some US airports. When asked for ID by a TSA agent, you'll be able to review the requested information then tap your phone or smartwatch against a reader.

Apple says it designed the feature with a focus on security and privacy, in part because you won't need to present the physical version of your ID. You'll need to use Face ID or Touch ID to authorize a verification and your device will only share the necessary information from your stored identification.

As things stand, law enforcement won't accept driver's licenses or other ID presented in Wallet, as MacRumors notes. The state's Motor Vehicle Administration also said residents can't rely solely on Maryland Mobile ID — they'll still need to carry their physical license or ID card. Eventually, the agency noted, any business, government entity or law enforcement agency in Maryland will be able to verify someone's identity with IDs stored in Wallet.

Maryland is only the second state thus far to enable the feature. Arizona became the first in March. Other states and territories have pledged to support the technology, including Georgia, Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio, Puerto Rico, Connecticut and Utah.

The earliest devices that support digital IDs in Wallet are iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 4, which need to be running at least iOS 15.4 or watchOS 8.4. If you're eligible, you can add an ID by tapping the plus sign in the Wallet app and following the prompts.