Master & Dynamic's MW75 headphones pair a fresh design with adaptive ANC

The company's refined mix of style and features will cost you $599.

Master & Dynamic

For years, Master & Dynamic has blended premium design with solid performance for its headphones. With its latest model, the company has refreshed the aesthetics on top of boosting the active noise cancellation (ANC) for more effective distraction blocking. Today, Master & Dynamic is debuting the MW75, a high-end set of ANC over-ear headphones with Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation that automatically adjusts based on the clamor of your environment.

When it comes to the new active noise cancellation setup, Master & Dynamic says four microphones monitor your surroundings to "intuitively adjust" the ANC to properly counter any changes to the external roar. The MW75 isn't the first set of headphones to do this, but the automatic tweaks are new to the company's lineup starting with this model. There are two additional noise-canceling modes to choose from — All Day and Max — so you're not stuck with Adaptive as the lone option. There are also two ambient sound modes, one for general use and the other specifically tailored to voices.

Master & Dynamic has mostly kept the same design for its headphones for years. There have been some small changes to the formula, but for the most part the lineage remained intact. With the MW75, the company opted for an updated design with similarities to its MG20 gaming headset. While the MG20 has elements of both past and present, the MW75 takes the new aesthetic one step further.

The company is still using a mix of aluminum and leather (lambskin this time), but it added tempered glass panels to the outside of the earcups. These aren't touch sensitive, they're simply a design choice. The on-board controls are still physical buttons. And thankfully, the memory foam earpads still detach easily in the event you need to replace them, which is a standard feature for much of Master & Dyanmic's gear. The new design is simplified and refined, but the new look does come at a bit of a cost. The MW75 is nearly 100 grams heavier than its predecessor.

Master & Dynamic MW75
Master & Dynamic

Inside, 40mm Beryllium-coated drivers power what Master & Dynamic describes as its "expansive signature sound," a blend of "warmer lows and richer highs." The company says an additional set of four beamforming microphones offer assistance with calls and are designed to combat any wind interference. Unlike Master & Dyanmic's previous flagship model, the MW65, the MW75 offers wear detection and is compatible with the company's app for customizing the EQ and other settings. The company says you can expect up to 28 hours of listening time with ANC on and that figure goes up to 32 hours when noise cancellation is disabled. If you find yourself in a pinch, 15 minutes of charging will give you six hours of battery life.

The MW75 will be available on June 28th in four color options: gunmetal with black leather, silver metal with grey leather, silver metal with brown leather and black metal with black leather. Like Master & Dynamic's previous premium headphones, the high-end look and flagship features don't come cheap. The MW75 will cost $599 (€599/£549) when it goes on sale at the end of the month — $100 more than the MW65.

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