Masterbuilt's latest Gravity Series smart grill comes with a griddle insert

The Gravity Series 800 is available now for $697.

Masterbuilt’s Gravity Series line of grills gives you the flavor and flexibility of charcoal in models that also offer WiFi connectivity. Today, the company revealed a third, mid-sized option with a unique twist. The Gravity Series 800 can manage high temperature searing and low-and-slow smoking just like its predecessors, but this grill also comes with a flat-top griddle insert. Simply remove the cast iron grill grates and replace them with the griddle to cook breakfast, smash burgers and more.

As the name suggests, the Gravity Series 800 offers 800 square inches of cooking space. That puts it right in between the Gravity Series 560 and Gravity Series 1050 in terms of size. The 800 is designed more like the 1050 though, with a folding front shelf. The overall construction of all three is the same: a gravity-fed charcoal hopper on the right side is managed by a digital controller on the left. Thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can control temperature and monitor cook time from the Masterbuilt app on your phone. Plus, meat probes allow you to keep tabs on food temps throughout the process.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800

Once you light the bottom of the hopper with a food-safe fire starter, the Gravity Series grills take over. An integrated fan regulates the temperature of the grill based on your desired settings. Masterbuilt says the 800 can hit 225 degrees Fahrenheit in eight minutes, 450 in 10 minutes and wide open 700 degrees for searing in 14 minutes. The hopper on the 800 holds 10 pounds of lump charcoal or 16 pounds of briquettes, which the company says is enough for 10 hours of use. Based on my experience with the 560, that time could vary based on your cooking temperature, but for low-and-slow sessions, it’s probably accurate.

The Gravity Series 800 Griddle is available now at Walmart for $697.

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