Mercedes' EQS SUV arrives in US showrooms this year

The EQS looks much better in SUV form.

Building upon the success of the EQS and the launch of the EQE, Mercedes has another electric vehicle on the way to the United States. This time it’s more in line with what the US wants: an SUV.

The oddly named EQS SUV is to the sedan EQS what the GLS is to the regular S-Class — an upright take on its ultra high-end model. It was unveiled recently in Germany and we got a chance to check out the taller electric vehicle from Mercedes. In addition to having room for seven, the electric SUV has an off-road mode and special running boards that help reduce drag.

While Mercedes is mum on pricing and range details for the US, we do know that its European range will be "up to 600 kilometers" based on the WLTP standard, which should make the range top out at a shade over 300 miles in the US' more stringent EPA ratings. As for pricing, well, the regular EQS starts at just over $100,000 so the SUV is going to be in a similar bracket to Tesla's Model X. The car’ll be built in the US and available this fall, and you can watch the video above for the full story.