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Meta adds ‘quests’ to Horizon Worlds, to keep users returning to the metaverse

They include games and avatar-centric activities.


Quests are now available to everyone with a Quest — a Meta Quest VR headset, that is. Meta is rolling out quests and rewards to every user on Horizon Worlds, its virtual reality live-interactive experience. Meta started testing quests over the spring with a game called Giant Paddle Mini Golf and added two more: Arena Clash and Bad Roommates. Rewards include things like new clothing options for your avatar.

Meta clearly designed many of the quests (and rewards) to encourage users to interact more with their avatar — an area of its business that has seen billions of dollars lost. Main quests include "try on a clothing avatar reward you've earned" and "open your backpack and change your emote" — not exactly a Frodo traveling to Mordor-level quest, but some could be engaging. Quests are available in the Worlds Menu, each stating how much of a reward you'll receive for completing it. Meta claims it will add more as time goes on.

Meta Horizon Worlds' update also includes a new quick actions menu that can pause your gameplay and lets you mute, follow or block people you encounter. While Meta fixed some bugs, anytime you discover one, you can now report them by clicking the home button four times in a row or holding down AB/XY.