Lawsuit accuses Meta executives of taking bribes from OnlyFans

OnlyFans supposedly paid to claim an edge over adult content rivals.

Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

A lawsuit accusing Meta of conspiring with OnlyFans is now known to include some serious allegations against top executives. Thanks to an accidentally unredacted court document, Gizmodo has learned that adult entertainers accused Meta global affairs President Nick Clegg, VP Nicola Mendelsohn and European safety director Cristian Perrella of taking bribes to give OnlyFans an unfair advantage over rivals. To support the allegations, the plaintiffs shared what they say are anonymously supplied wire transfers that were sent to execs through an OnlyFans subsidiary. The authenticity of the transfers hasn't been verified.

The adult stars maintain that OnlyFans sought to hinder competitors by placing content on a terrorist database, leading to a major drop in traffic. A lawsuit from FanCentro, an alternative to OnlyFans, made similar claims.

In a statement, a spokesperson told Engadget the bribery accusations were "baseless." You can read the full response below. The Facebook and Instagram owner already filed a motion to dismiss the suit over a lack of plausibility, and argued that it can't be held liable even if the plaintiffs succeed. Content decisions like these are protected by both First Amendment free speech rights and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Meta said in its motion.

OnlyFans noted in a follow-up filing that it "inadvertently" left the Meta leaders' names unredacted. It asked the court to delete the relevant document. This comes more than a little late, of course. While the lawsuit certainly isn't guaranteed to survive close scrutiny, it's now clear just how serious the allegations really are.

"As we make clear in our motion to dismiss, we deny these allegations as they lack facts, merit, or anything that would make them plausible. The allegations are baseless."