Facebook is testing a bill splitting feature in Messenger

Like most digital payment features, this test is currently limited to the US.

Facebook / Meta

There may soon be more ways to get your friends to pay their share of the check. Facebook (or its parent company Meta) announced today that it's testing Split Payments, "a free and fast way to share the cost of bills and expenses." Starting next week, users in the US will be able to charge their friends in a group chat or from the Payments Hub in Messenger.

In a group chat, you'll need to hit the "Get Started" button to initiate the payments, and then you can choose to divide a sum of money evenly or decide what each person owes. You can also choose to include yourself and add a customizable message. The money will be sent through Facebook Pay, and after you submit, your request will be sent to the group's chat room.

Facebook also said it's added new custom group effects from four additional creators: King Bach, Emma Chamberlain, Bella Poarch and Zach King. Earlier this month, the company also released new "soundmojis" tied to the Stranger Things soundtrack and Taylor Swift's remaster of her album Red.