Meta launches a Threads beta program for Android

iOS users will have to wait to try new features.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Android users can soon get a sneak peek at upcoming features for Meta Threads, the new Twitter rival that may already have Elon Musk feeling the heat. A Meta engineer announced on the platform that “Android users who love to live on the cutting edge” can sign up for a beta version of the app, which launched this week and already attracted over 30 million sign-ups by Thursday morning. There isn’t yet any mention of an iOS beta program.

Although no beta builds of the Android app appear to be available yet, the program could be enticing since the platform still lacks a long list of requested features. These include hashtags, direct messages, a full web version, chronological feeds, a “following” feed, and the ability to delete your profile without also wiping your Instagram account.

Of course, beta software often comes with bugs — so only proceed if you’re comfortable with the associated risks. As Meta’s @0xjessel advised, “New features and bug fixes will come on here first, but you’ll also have to accept an increased risk of a more unstable build since [it’s] earlier.” In addition, Meta will harvest your data — perhaps more than usual. “Certain data on your use of the app will be collected and shared with the developer to help improve the app,” the invitation reads.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can sign up for beta access. Fortunately, there’s no waitlist: Anyone with an Android device can enter the program and try out future builds as they become available.

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