Meta made an A/B testing tool to help users optimize their Reels on Facebook

The company’s also experimenting with an AI that writes captions.


Meta just released an experimental new A/B testing feature for Reels on Facebook, allowing creators to experiment with different captions and thumbnail images to create the perfect clips. The tools are part of the pre-existing Professional Dashboard, which already provides plenty of useful metrics, like view count insights and more.

Here’s how it works. When creating a Facebook Reel on your mobile device, you can insert up to four different caption and thumbnail combinations. This starts a testing phase for the content. Whichever one gets the most views will automatically be displayed on your page as the “winning variant.” It seems fairly simple.

The company’s also working on incorporating generative AI to help create unique caption and thumbnail options, though that feature is still being worked out. The ultimate goal here is to ensure user-generated content gets as many eyeballs as possible. This increases Facebook’s traffic and potentially gives creators some money in the process, thanks to Meta’s bonus program.

To that end, there’s a new system in place that awards achievement badges for leaping past certain metrics. A digital badge isn’t as good as money, but it’s something (I guess.) Meta does say that these badges could help creators achieve increased visibility of their content, via an awarded Rising Creator label.

That’s not the only tool that rolled out today. There’s also a new feature that lets you quickly whip up Reels from pre-existing video posts and livestreams. The Professional Dashboard has new content management tools to help users keep track of all of this stuff. Previously, creators could only access content performance on a post-by-post basis, but now the dashboard gives you a more holistic view of things.

It’s interesting that this feature dropped on Facebook and not Instagram, as Reels are more integral to the latter than the former. We’ll update you if and when the company debuts these tools for Instagram users.