Facebook's new Privacy Center explains how the company handles data collection

The other topics that users can read up on are data use, ads, sharing and security.


Facebook is getting a new Privacy Center that provides users with information about data collection, sharing, security, data use and ads. The hub includes details on the approach to privacy across apps like Facebook and Instagram, the Data Policy and how to use the multitude of privacy and security settings.

Users can find out how to set up two-factor authentication, get clarity on who's able to see their posts, what types of data Facebook collects, how it uses that information and much more.

At the outset, the Privacy Center is only available to a small number of Facebook users in the US on desktop. It plans to roll it out to more apps and people in the coming months. If you have access, you can find the Privacy Center in the Settings and Privacy section. Facebook will offer other ways to access it in the future. It plans to update the Privacy Center with more sections and controls.

Meta has added a number of safety and/or privacy-focused updates across its apps over the last year or so. It can be hard to keep track of everything, so establishing a single hub to detail all of those features should be useful. For instance, Instagram started requiring folks to share their birthday as part of an effort to shield younger users from "sensitive" content. In September, WhatsApp added end-to-end encryption for chat backups.