Microsoft bans 'unauthorized' third-party Xbox controllers and accessories

An error message prompts you to return the formerly compatible devices.


Microsoft is putting its foot down when it comes to unauthorized controller use. The company has begun banning any third-party Xbox controllers and accessories that aren't part of the "designed for Xbox" hardware partner program. A gamer posted the news to Restera after plugging in an Xbox-compatible controller and receiving a notification about the ban.

The error code is explained in detail on Microsoft's support blog: "From the moment you connect an unauthorized accessory and receive error code 0x82d60002, you'll have two weeks to use the accessory, after which time it will then be blocked from use with the console." Microsoft's advice? Get in touch with the company you bought the controller from and return it — a bit savage, but very clear.

Microsoft's motivation for the crackdown could stem, in part, from a desire to block cheat devices like Cronus Zen. Fellow gaming companies have been working hard to ban their use during gameplay. Of course, Microsoft's decision could also stem from a probable increase in sales of their own controllers and accessories.

Brook Gaming, one of the companies with impacted products, released a statement assuring customers that it would "spare no effort in identifying potential solutions" to this new policy. In the meantime, there's likely to be a drop in sales for its and other third-party manufacturers' Xbox products.