Microsoft Edge puts an AI ‘copilot’ in your browser

The AI can answer questions and even write content.


Microsoft's use of AI on the web will extend beyond smarter Bing searches. The company is updating its Edge browser with an "AI-powered copilot" that assists with everyday tasks. Integration with the new Bing can help you get the key takeaways from a document, compare content and even draft posts (such as on LinkedIn) with a specific format, length or tone.

The revised interface revolves around a new sidebar. You can use a chat feature in this space to ask questions like you would with Bing, while a compose option helps you write new content using prompts. You can also expect a new look.

Microsoft Edge with AI sidebar in compose mode

Both Bing and the updated Edge are based around a new AI model, Prometheus, built with the help of OpenAI. While it draws some lessons from the popular ChatGPT conversational AI, it's billed as more powerful and optimized for search. Microsoft also claims it's a "responsible" platform where protections against abuse and errors exist at every level.

The new Edge is available now in preview form. While Bing is the highlight of Microsoft's AI announcements, the new browser clearly plays an important role. The AI capabilities theoretically give Edge an advantage over Chrome, Safari and other browsers. Of course, how long any lead lasts is uncertain. Google is holding an event tomorrow (February 8th) that may shed light on its bid to rival ChatGPT, and it won't be surprising if AI-driven search is part of that strategy.

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