Microsoft's adaptive mouse and accessories arrive on October 25th

The modular mouse, hub and 3D-printable accessories were designed with inclusivity in mind.


In May, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Adaptive kit — a modular mouse, hub and accessories designed with inclusivity and accessibility in mind. But the company wasn't ready back then to share the full pricing and availability details, other than saying we would find out more in the fall. Five hot months later, summer is over and at its fall device launch event in New York today, Microsoft delivered the information as promised. Some of it, anyway. The Adaptive Accessories will be available on October 25th "in select markets." Pricing and the specific regions remain unclear.

The company also expanded the portfolio slightly by announcing today that "business and education customers will be able to 3D print adaptive grips from Shapeways for Microsoft Business Pen and Microsoft Classroom Pen 2." Based on the images we've seen, some of these 3D-printed designs appear to make the company's stylus easier to hold, either by making them bigger or adding bulbs or curved parts.

At its New York event today, the company unveiled new hardware including the Surface Pro 9, Laptop 5 and Studio 2+. It also introduced a new audio dock, a Presenter+ remote control for cueing slideshows from afar, as well as a bunch of new software.

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