Microsoft’s 3D ‘Fluent’ emoji arrive in Teams

Preview all of the more than 1,800 redesigned characters starting today.


Last summer, Microsoft teased Clippy would return to Office and a handful of other apps as part of a broader update to more than 1,800 emoji. The new characters reflect the company’s Fluent design language, and, starting today, you can check them out in Microsoft Teams.

To enable the emoji, navigate to the app’s settings menu, then head over to the “About” section and click “Public Preview.” As The Verge notes, you may not see that option to enable them if your IT admin has disabled the ability to preview new features. Otherwise, it’s possible to see the 3D emoji on every platform where you can use Microsoft Teams, including macOS and iOS. Once you’ve enabled them, they’ll appear in chat and channels, as well as in reactions. Some of the characters feature animations, and when it comes to emoji with skin tones, you’ll have six options to choose from.

When Microsoft first introduced Fluent emoji, it said its goal was to design characters that better reflect how people work in the 21st century. A lot of workplaces have come to value emotional honesty and playfulness and these characters lean into those traits. “Because being playful or highly expressive doesn’t come easily to everyone, emoji are the perfect little helpers,” the company said. “Far from being frivolous or ornamental, they’re extensions of our own humanity and an important communication tool.”

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