Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller is now available in white

And it's now available for pre-order for $130.


Microsoft Xbox has launched a new Elite Series 2 controller with a white cover plate, and it's now available for pre-order. Like its black counterpart, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core in white was designed with competitive gamers in mind, with its wrap-around rubberized grip, shorter hair trigger locks and 40 hours of battery life. It's now available for pre-order from the Xbox website and select retailers for $130. That's much cheaper than the black version that has a standard retail price of $180, because it doesn't come with a case and other spare parts needed for customization.

Instead, Xbox is selling a separate Complete Component Pack, which is also available for pre-order, for $60. The pack includes a carrying case, a thumbstick-adjustment tool, a charging dock, two classic thumbsticks, one tall thumbstick, one dome thumbstick, one cross-shaped D-pad, two medium and two mini paddles, as well as a USB-C cable. By selling the pack separately, that means those who already have all those components from the black Elite Series 2 will be able to buy the new controller on its own at a cheaper price. However, that's $10 more than the black version for those who want to get both the white controller and the component pack.

In addition to announcing its new products, Xbox has also revealed that it's adding the Elite Series 2 Controllers to the Xbox Design Lab this holiday season. That means players will be able purchase personalized controllers designed with various colors and patterns of their choosing, so they can go beyond these current black and white options.

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