Microsoft debuts a new 'velocity green' Xbox controller

It's available now and costs $65.


There are certain colors you see and have an immediate association. For gamers, one of the most iconic might be that warm medium green seen on Yoshi and, most notably, Xbox. The latter has long used green as a core part of its branding. Yet, Microsoft hadn't outright sold an official darker green Series S/X wireless controller — until now. It's official name is velocity green and it's on sale for $65.

Almost the entire front is green with black accents courtesy of the hybrid D-pad and controller buttons. The triggers and bumpers are also black while the back case is a clean white. The controller offers up to 40 hours of battery life and includes textured grips on areas such as the triggers and back case. It houses a dedicated Share button to share screenshots or gameplay videos of games with friends and can also pair with PCs and mobile devices.

Microsoft has offered custom controller colors through the Xbox Design Lab but this new option is perfect for players who want (mostly) all green, all the time. Plus, it's $5 cheaper. Not much, but hey you can put it towards a new game.

Anyone looking for an entire velocity green look can also get a matching Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for $40. Plus, Microsoft is leaning fully into its signature color with a velocity green Xbox hoodie for $65. There's even a little four-leaf clover stitched on the sleeve for extra gaming luck.

Not big on green? Microsoft has already rolled out a slew of other wireless controllers in the colors Electric Volt, Deep Pink, Shock Blue, and Pulse Red.

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