Microsoft's Copilot AI is officially coming to Windows 10

It brings Microsoft's AI to another 1 billion devices.


Microsoft's AI ambitions are moving a bit backwards: Today, the company has confirmed that it's bringing Copilot AI to Windows 10. At first, it'll be available to Windows Insider users in an upcoming Release Preview update, where Copilot will appear on the right side of the Task Bar. Once selected, you'll see the familiar Copilot interface, which you can use to ask the AI questions, manage Windows features or interact with documents. Microsoft says the Copilot window won't overlap with desktop content or block open windows.

If this all sounds familiar, it's because Windows Central reported that Windows 10 would be getting Copilot earlier this month. The move isn't exactly surprising. While Windows 11 is Microsoft's latest OS, it only accounts for 26 percent of Windows installations, according to GlobalStats. Windows 10, meanwhile, still holds 69 percent of the Windows market.

In 2020, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 reached 1 billion devices, and it still appears to be above that figure. Windows Central's reporting suggests that Windows 11 is on 400 million devices, in comparison. Just one look at those numbers and it makes sense why Microsoft is bringing its latest tech into an aging OS (its "end of service" date is still October 14, 2025). If the company was able to declare it brought Copilot's AI to 1.4 billion devices in 2023, this year of over-accelerated AI hype will have been worth it.

Windows 10's Copilot will be previewed in North America, as well as parts of Asia and South America over the next few months. For Windows Insiders who want to get in line for the update, Microsoft suggests installing today's November preview update. Additionally, they'll need to enable the "Get the latest updates as soon as they're available" feature in Windows Update.

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