Miso’s AI-powered app helps restaurants cook the perfect medium rare steak

CookRight times individual food items based on the grill position.

Miso Robotics

Miso Robotics, the company that created the Flippy robot for fast-food burger chains, now wants to make sure your steak or chicken is cooked properly. The company has unveiled CookRight, an AI app and camera system that monitors grilling times for individual food items and prompts line cooks to flip and remove them at the right time. It can even learn the heat distribution on a grill to gauge cooking times more precisely.

CookRight is the AI-driven system that powers Flippy, but without the robotic arm that flips burgers or dunks fry baskets. It consists of user interface tablet, camera(s) and a small computer, so it's much simpler and cheaper than Flippy at around $100 per month for a subscription. It can also be self-installed, so all that opens it up to smaller operators and not just major chains.

Miso's AI-powered app ensures your burger or steak is properly cooked
Miso Robotics

The system removes the need for manual timing that can lead to under or improperly cooked food. Here's how it works: A cook loads up a grill with burgers, hot dogs, chicken, fish, steaks and other food items. CookRight's AI will then recognize what it is with 96 percent accuracy and automatically start a timer. Each item appears on the display with a label. The chef can then set the desired cooking level (rare, medium rare, etc.), and the app will provide an alert when it needs to be flipped or removed from the grill.

Using machine learning, CookRight can learn a grill's heat distribution to cook items more precisely. With that data, it can spot a grill that might be in need of maintenance if it's over or undercooking an item, for example. It also helps prevent order assembling errors with "real-time quality control... ensuring that everything that belongs in the bag gets in the bag," Miso wrote. Finally, it provides analytics to owners and managers to help them improve efficiency and spot issues that may compromise food quality.

Miso notes that the system can help prevent mistakes that lead to food poisoning and other issues, while it "obtains unprecedented amounts of information on kitchen operations that have never been captured before." It also believes the system can save restaurants money by increasing efficiency, something that's key in a pandemic where takeout currently rules. For more information on CookRight, check the company's website or investor site.