More inclusive emoji will come to iPhones in iOS 14.2

Among them are the trans flag and gender variations for a wider range of existing emoji.

Apple, Composite by Emojipedia

The latest iOS betas nearly always reveal a glimpse into what to expect when the rest of us update our iPhones. If you’re into emoji, then iOS 14.2 might be a treat. The new additions, detailed by Emojipedia, should be only a few weeks away, include transgender flags and the trans symbol, bubble tea and a ninja — finally.

Sound familiar? Apple previewed some of its emoji updates back in July, but now we get to see all of them — and decide which will be our new favorites. The update includes gender variations for both the tuxedo and veil emojis, now reclassified as gender-neutral emoji. There’s also bottle feeding emoji across genders, which will exist alongside the breastfeeding icon from 2017. While there are new emoji for flies and cockroaches, I believe this to be the most 2020 emoji.

The ever-expanding emoji universe continues: the Unicode Consortium last just revealed Emoji version 13.1 last week. As Emojipedia reports, though, don’t expect to see those icons on your iPhone until 2021.