Motorola has a two-for-one deal on its foldable Razr phone

$1,500 still feels steep, though.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Foldable smartphones are clearly in their infancy, but there is a certain level of hype around them. If you’ve been on the fence about becoming an early adopter, Motorola’s buy-one-get-one deal on its Razr flip phone might be worth checking out. You get two foldables for the price of one, but that price is still pretty high.

$1,500 gets you two Razr phones, which could be a good deal for couples or families. Meanwhile, $1,380 can get you one Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which comes with double the storage capacity of the Razr (among several other advantages). The middling reviews of the Razr may be an indication that this sale is, at least in part, due to poor sales. That’s a little alarming, given that the phone has only been available for three months.

As spotted by Android Police, Verizon -- which is the exclusive carrier for the Razr -- is also running a BOGO sale on several phones, the Razr included. However, this deal requires you to sign up for a new line of service. In other words, Motorola's own offer is the better way to go. But given the $1,500 price and the financial restrictions imposed by the global pandemic, this could still be a tough sell.

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