MyFitnessPal update lets users track meals or workouts on Wear OS watches

You can now track and log the data that matters to you.


Tracking your fitness and health just got easier if you use MyFitnessPal and Google's Wear OS. The MyFitnessPal smartwatch app offers a way to keep track of your health stats, including calorie intake and gym gains. While this worked well, it has also been limited since you couldn't edit or input your data directly on your wearable device. However, the latest app update changes things for the better.

In a recent blog post, MyFitnessPal announced updates that will make tracking and logging easier on Wear OS. Now, users can track and log without pulling out their phones. When wearing compatible Android smartwatches, users will have access to new watch tiles and complications — which will give them the ability to log foods they eat regularly while keeping track of daily nutritional intake, like sugar, fiber, fats, calories and even hydration. Users will also be able to see a quick snapshot of their entire day right from their wrists.

This feature will be available to users with a smartwatch running Wear OS, like the new Pixel Watch 2. The MyFitnessPal app is available for download from the Google Play Store.

While this feature isn't entirely new to the MyFitnessPal app on smartwatches — Apple Watch users have had this option for a while — it’s good news that people using Wear OS have another way to track.  Monitoring our health and wellness is important and can be easily neglected when we just don't have the time. Any innovation, big or small, that makes keeping up with health stats easier is always a good move. Now if only they could figure out a way to burn and log calories without the exercise.