The Nanit Pro baby monitoring system is $100 off at Amazon

It's one of our favorite baby monitors.


If you’re in the market for a baby monitor, there are a lot of options to choose from. Nanit’s Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System consists of a 1080p camera that provides a bird’s eye view of your child’s crib, a stand, a Breathing Band for your child to wear and a Smart Sheet for their mattress. The whole set is currently $280 on Amazon, which is $100 off its regular price. The Nanit Plus camera and stand is also on sale for $50 off.

Buy Nanit Pro baby monitor at Amazon - $280Buy Nanit Plus Camera + Stand at Amazon - $250

The Nanit Pro system was a “best overall” pick in our baby monitor guide for several reasons: the camera provides a livestream that is clear day or night, it loads quickly and since it hovers over a crib it doesn’t need to be tilted or adjusted after its initial set up. The camera feed is accessed via a mobile app, which can be shared with multiple caretakers. It also provides additional features like motion and sound alerts, background audio (which plays the feeds audio over other apps), a microphone and a Memory feature which replays highlights from the previous evening. The one thing we didn't like about the camera in testing was the stand which seemed a bit wobbly.

The Breathing Band is strapped around a baby’s midsection and works with the app and camera to track breaths per minute. Nanit also sells the patterned wearable in a swaddle or a sleeping bag version. The Smart Sheets work with the camera to calculate your child's height, by triangulating points on your baby using a photo of them laying on the sheets. Both products worked well during our testing, but are single-function devices in that they only measure the one aspect.

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