NASA is now targeting November 14th for the Artemis 1 launch

The agency says minimal work is needed to get the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft ready.

JIM WATSON via Getty Images

NASA has set a date for its next Artemis 1 launch attempt. The agency will next try to send the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft on an uncrewed journey around the moon on November 14th. The launch window starts at 12:07AM ET and will be open for an hour and nine minutes. In case NASA has to scrub the November 14th launch, it has two backup windows in mind, starting at 1:04AM on November 16th and 1:45AM on November 19th.

The first attempt on August 29th was scrubbed due to engine issues before a hydrogen fuel leak prevented another stab at a launch a few days later. NASA didn't have any luck during the next launch window in late September either. It rolled the SLS and Orion back to the safety of the Vehicle Assembly Building as Hurricane Ian bore down.

On the upside, NASA says minimal work is needed to prepare the SLS and Orion before it rolls them back out to the launchpad. Engineers will repair minor foam and cork damage on the thermal protection system. It'll also replace or recharge batteries for the rocket, secondary payloads and the flight termination system. All going well, Artemis 1 could be back on the launchpad as soon as November 4th.