Naughty Dog shows off improved gameplay from 'The Last of Us' PS5 remake

It also revealed new features like permadeath and speedrun modes.

Naughty Dog

With the PS5 remake for The Last of Us set to arrive soon, developer Naughty Dog recently showed the benefits you can expect with the new hardware. Now in a 10-minute video, the company has detailed new features including a speed-run mode and smarter AI, while walking through improved graphics, physics, character models, animations and more.

As we saw last month, the new graphics are indeed much improved, with native 4K at 30 fps or dynamic 4K at 60 fps. The biggest changes are with gameplay, though. First off, the remake uses AI from The Last of Us Part 2, which gives enemies and NPCs more complex tactics, making for better fights. It's not one-sided, either, as your companions' AI has also been updated.

The remake also includes new gameplay modes. One of those is a permadeath mode for those who want the full "infected" zombie apocalypse experience, along with new unlockable costumes for Joel and Ellie. The other is a speed run mode — details are scant on that, other than that you'll be able to measure your progress with a timer.

The other improvements revolve around characters, with new models that include far more detail "down to the irises and the pupil depths," noted creative director and writer Shaun Escayg. The team also updated the animations with improved facial expressions, motion-matching tech for more flowing movements and more. It also includes new materials, physics, haptics, 3D audio and more.

The remake does look impressive, but it will sell at a full $70 triple-A price when it arrives on September 2nd. As such, Naughty Dog and Sony appear to be doing more than the usual amount of marketing for a remake, no doubt hoping to show potential buyers it's worth that.