'Nerf Legends' arena shooter brings the iconic blasters to console and PC

The game arrives on October 19th.


While we wait for Nerf to come to Oculus VR, Hasbro has unveiled a new game featuring its toy blasters. Nerf Legends is a first-person arena shooter with a sci-fi twist that sees players battling robots across 19 single player levels. There's also online multiplayer including four versus four and eight player free-for-all modes.

Of course, the game is another way to sell real-life Nerf products to a generation of kids who have grown up playing Fortnite. As such, there are 15 blasters from the Mega, Ultra and Elite lines, with upgrades and skins, to choose from. To help your side win, you'll be able to use dart power-ups like magnetic push and pull, seeker and freeze on your opponents. The game is rated T for Teen, which suggests it's not quite fit for kids of all ages, possibly due to the futuristic violence.

Nerf Legends will hit all major consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 19th, according to a Best Buy listing. It will be followed by Nerf Ultimate Championship, another arena shooter, on Oculus Quest in 2022. The double whammy of releases signals that Hasbro is serious about the potential of gaming to boost its long-running line of toy blasters.

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