Netflix is making a 'AAA PC game' at its new studio

The streamer is no longer content to rely on mobile games.

Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Netflix's new in-house game teams may be particularly ambitious. spotted a job listing the company posted for a director in Los Angeles who would lead work on a "brand-new AAA PC game" — this is not just another mobile title. While many details remain unknown, the new hire will ideally have experience with first- and third-person shooters, constantly evolving "live service" games (think Destiny 2) and quickly prototyping in Unreal Engine. The perfect candidate would also be comfortable with both cooperative and competitive multiplayer, and create a game world "worthy" of a Netflix show.

The streaming service emphasizes that the game director won't be held back by the "design constraints" of monetization. As with Netflix's existing games, in-app purchases, ads and other rude surprises shouldn't exist in this project. A listing for a lead engineer also alludes to a "3rd person action RPG."

Expectations are already high. Netflix games VP Mike Verdu revealed last month that former Overwatch director Chacko Sonny is leading the LA studio after leaving Blizzard in 2021, and the new director may be similarly notable when they're expected to have "at least" 10 years of design experience. Netflix has also set up shop in Helsinki and has bought multiple developers, including Oxenfree creator Night School Studio.

There's a strong incentive to foster game development at Netflix. Less than one percent of the firm's subscribers are taking advantage of the mobile games that come with membership. Blockbuster games for other platforms could not only reach new audiences, but help Netflix build its reputation in the industry.