Netflix makes it easier to find titles you've added to your list but haven't watched yet

You can sort 'My List' by movies, series, and content you've started watching (or not).

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Netflix's latest updates to its mobile app make it easier to search through bookmarked content in the "My List" feature, TechCrunch has reported. New filters let you sort titles by movie, series, release date, alphabetical order, and date added.

The most interesting are the "Started" and "Haven't Started" filters, though. A lot of folks bookmark content, start watching it and then don't finish for whatever reason. Now, if you're looking for something you added to "My List" but have yet to start watching, you can see all of it at once, rather than needing to painfully look through everything.

Netflix update makes it easier to find content you've bookmarked but haven't watched

Netflix added the My List feature nearly 10 years ago, but until now, there have been no filters — the only way to find things was to scroll through the list. As such, this will be a welcome improvement for those who habitually bookmark content. The new feature will come to Android devices first, and hit iOS over "the next few weeks," Netflix said.

Along with that update, Netflix is adding a "Coming Soon" row to its TV apps. The idea is to provide a preview of any upcoming content, and you can set a reminder when upcoming shows are available. That will put future content front and center, as it was previously hidden in the "New & Popular" tab.