Netflix's new parental controls include PIN-protected profiles

You can also filter shows by rating.


Netflix’s parental controls have been something of a mess, but they just got considerably better. The streaming service has updated its controls to give you more power over what kids see — or rather, what they don’t. You can now filter out age-inappropriate titles based on country ratings, so your little one won’t see a horror movie or a bloody crime drama. You can block individual titles if there are any that push the limits of their rating. And yes, you can finally PIN-protect an entire profile instead of access to risky material — you don’t have to enter a code every time you want to watch Sabrina.

Likewise, you can expect better tools for managing profiles. You can see what your kids have been watching on their profiles, and turn off auto-play if you don’t want them going on impromptu Paw Patrol marathons. It should also be simple to review each profile’s content filters from within account settings.

The new controls are available today by adding them through your account settings on the web or mobile apps. You could easily argue that they’re overdue, but in a sense they’re coming just in time. With many families staying at home during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to keep tabs on what kids are watching.