Netflix’s ‘Sexy Beasts’ puts hot people in furry prosthetics for blind dates

I sure hope Panda Girl and Bull Guy get together!


Netflix's latest dating show is like an unholy union of The Masked Singer and Face Off, Syfy's prosthetic competition reality series. Sexy Beasts puts singles together on blind dates — but the twist is they're all wearing serious prosthetics and makeup. What better way to get a real sense of a date's personality, right? Similar to Netflix's other popular reality shows, like The Circle and Love is Blind, Sexy Beasts has an intriguing core concept that's sure to provide plenty of inherent comedy (and drama).

But given the time and difficulty it takes to put on prosthetics and makeup, it'll be interesting to see if all that effort leads to another hit for Netflix. Sexy Beasts, an adaptation of the BBC Three series from 2014, premieres on July 21st.