Netflix is making a sixth season of 'The Crown' after all

The creative team is going back to its original plan.


Earlier this year, it emerged that The Crown, one of Netflix’s biggest shows, would wrap up after its fifth season. But it has reversed course, as it’s returning to creator and writer Peter Morgan’s initial concept of a six-season run for the Royal Family drama.

“As we started to discuss the storylines for Series 5, it soon became clear that in order to do justice to the richness and complexity of the story we should go back to the original plan and do six seasons,” Morgan told Variety in a statement. “To be clear, Series 6 will not bring us any closer to present-day — it will simply enable us to cover the same period in greater detail.”

By the time it ends, The Crown will cover Queen Elizabeth II’s life up to the early 2000s. So, it won’t touch on more recent events, such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the Royal Family.

Filming on season four wrapped up just before the onset of COVID-19 lockdowns in the UK. That season is expected to hit Netflix later in 2020, a year or so after season three premiered. It’ll bring an end to Oscar-winner Olivia Colman’s two-season stint as Queen Elizabeth II, as Imelda Staunton is taking over the role for the final two seasons.