Netflix's stop-motion Pokémon show arrives on December 28

Mariya Takeuchi, known for 'Plastic Love,' is singing its theme song.

Pokémon Concierge

Pokémon Concierge, a stop-motion animation show from Japan's Dwarf Studio, will be available for streaming on Netflix starting on December 28. The streaming service has announced the show's arrival nine months after revealing the project, which it says is the "first-ever collaborative production between Netflix and The Pokémon Company." Pokémon Concierge has a totally different feel from the games, the anime series and the movies that came after it. There are no battles in the new show, no trainers fighting for dominance and no monsters pulling off their special moves.

Instead, we get Pokémon chilling in pools and living their best lives as they go on a vacation. The series follows a new concierge working at the Pokémon Resort named Haru, along with her companion Psyduck, as they learn how to serve and make their Pokémon guests happy. Based on the trailer shared by Netflix, viewers will also see a number of other popular monsters, including Pikachu, Eevee and Magikarp, as they visit the resort.

Haru will be voiced by Karen Fukuhara (The Boy and the Heron) in the English language version of the show. The Pokémon company and Netflix also signed up Mariya Takeuchi to sing a warm and relaxing theme song for the series that goes perfectly with its vibe. Takeuchi, who rose to fame in the 80's for the City Pop genre, has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years after her song Plastic Love went viral on YouTube.