Next-gen Hyundai Tucson reveals its production lights in new spy photos

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The next-generation Hyundai Tucson continues to be spied out and about looking closer to production each time. This round of spy shots brings us our first look at the crossover’s production lights, and they sure are funky.

Our attention is drawn to the DRLs right away. The unit appears to be split up with pieces of black camouflage tape, obscuring what the DRL looks like as a whole. The LED design is made up of a series of vertical bars. Put together, the whole element appears large enough to be used as a headlight. However, that doesn’t seem to be Hyundai’s intention. Instead, the headlight is positioned below that in a separate element. This design choice comes as no surprise, as Hyundai has already executed similar designs with the Kona and Santa Fe. Being a crossover, the tall face leaves room for all these lighting elements. Combined with the wild grille we spied a couple times before, the Tucson is guaranteed to be quite the sight.

We also get a hint as to what the rear lights will look like from a couple key shots showing them lit up. Some sharp LEDs can be seen poking through the camouflage. There’s one angled line flanked by a series of triangle-shaped accents to its right. Then above that is a horizontal LED bar that appears to run from one side of the car to the other. We can see the red strip exposed in the center, and then a red LED light is seen at the same level in the taillight element. Hyundai is also sticking with its separate turn indicator design, as we can see the blinking yellow light near the bottom of the car. You end up with a messier rear bumper design, but it also allows for an entirely red and tasteful rear taillight design — this one already looks pretty weird and … good.

As for the rest of the car, these shots of it gallivanting about the Nürburgring are our best look at the body. There are creases and lines everywhere, so expect the looks to shock you, similar to the way the new angular Elantra took us by surprise.

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