The NFL+ streaming service arrives today starting at $40 per year

It's more affordable than Game Pass, but has some viewing restrictions.

Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports

After months of teasing, the NFL has launched its expected streaming service. The newly available NFL+ gives you access to live football streams and ad-free library content through the NFL App and the web starting at $40 per year or $5 per month. Spend $80 per year or $10 per month on NFL+ Premium and you'll also get ad-free match replays (both full and condensed) across devices as well as Coaches Film features like All-22.

There are some significant catches, however. While you'll have live audio for every game regardless of device, live video is only available for live local and "primetime" games on phones and tablets — you can't use this to watch a playoff run through your computer or TV. Preseason games are limited to out-of-market showdowns (on all devices), although arguably a perk when you can often find local preseason games on TV for free.

The NFL+ debut puts an end to Game Pass in the US. Not that you'll necessarily mind — even the Premium tier is less expensive than the outgoing $100 per year offering. While you won't have as much freedom as you might like, the new offering might make more sense if you normally watch on mobile or just want to catch the occasional game while away.