Niantic's next AR game looks like a modern version of Tamagotchi

It's building on the success of 'Pokémon Go' and 'Pikmin Bloom' with original title 'Peridot.'


Niantic is best known for creating augmented reality games based on existing franchises, but its next title will be an original one. Peridot is all about breeding and caring for unique virtual pets.

These Peridots (or Dots) have been asleep for thousands of years and they'll need players' help to ensure their survival, Niantic senior producer Ziah Fogel wrote in a blog post. Players will feed, play and explore with their Dots to raise them to adulthood. While you're out on daily walks, your Dot might discover hidden treasures. You'll be able to diversify the species of your Dots as well by working with other players.

Peridot seems skewed more toward players who enjoyed the likes of Pokémon Go and Pikmin Bloom than Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It'll be Niantic's first original game since Ingress. Peridot is in its soft launch period and will only be available in select markets at first. If you're interested, you can sign up to be notified when the game's available in your region.