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Ninja's updated DualZone air fryer is $50 off right now

This model, which has an integrated food thermometer, has dropped to $200.


Air fryers are all the rage and those who've been on the fence about adding one to their kitchen might be interested in checking out a deal on a model from Ninja. The 10-quart DZ550 DualZone, which Ninja released last year, has dropped to $200 at Amazon. That's $50 off the regular price. While it's not the lowest price we've seen for this model, this might be the biggest discount that you'll find for a while.

Boasting an integrated food thermometer, Ninja's DZ550 is an upgraded version of one of our favorite air fryers.
$200 at Amazon

This is a more recent version of one of our favorite air fryers, Ninja's DZ401. The main upgrade is the addition of an integrated food thermometer. This should help you monitor the internal temperatures of foods, especially proteins, with more accuracy.

As with other dual-zone fryers, the DZ550 has two independent, nonstick baskets, allowing you to cook two foods simultaneously, such as a main and a side. You can have different settings for each basket or match the settings across both — a handy option if you're cooking two batches of the same thing. The Smart Finish feature, meanwhile, is designed to make sure the food in each basket is ready at the same time.

The DZ550 has six functions: air frying, air broiling, roasting, baking, reheating and dehydrating. There's also a wide temperature range that runs from 105 to 450 degrees. Additionally, Ninja claims its air fryer can cook food faster than a traditional oven. It says the DZ550 can cook two six-pound chickens 30 percent faster than a regular oven and make frozen food crispy in 30 minutes.

You'll need to set aside plenty of counter space for the DZ550: it's 17 inches wide and 14 inches deep. It weighs just under 20 pounds as well. Still, if you have the room for the DZ550, it could prove a helpful addition to your kitchen, and the lower price makes it that much more appealing.

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