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Nintendo now lets gamers cancel Switch eShop pre-orders

You'll no longer be charged for the game at pre-order, but a week before release.
Devindra Hardawar
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper|@danielwcooper|September 1, 2020 4:06 AM

If you’ve ever pre-ordered a Switch game and then changed your mind, you’ll know that Nintendo aren’t great at offering refunds. Nintendo’s corporate policy was to charge you the second the pre-order was made and then, if you complain, simply to bellow ‘no refunds’ into your face. That is, mercifully, changing as the Japanese gaming giant is now copying the models of pretty much every other online games store.

In an announcement, Nintendo said that it is no longer taking your money the second you hit the pre-order button. Instead, it’ll charge your card no sooner than seven days before the software’s official release, which means you’ve got until the week before a game comes out to change your mind. That should help encourage more pre-orders, since folks know they can back out of the deal should a title be delayed.

The statement was made on Nintendo of Japan’s website saying that the new policy begins on September 1st from 15:00. We’ve tried it in the UK and US eShops, and can confirm that refunds are available on both as of right now, so happy pre-ordering! 

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Nintendo now lets gamers cancel Switch eShop pre-orders