Nintendo will release a Super Mario Game & Watch for the holidays

The micro console comes with the two NES games, as well as a Mario-themed remake of 'Ball'


To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo is throwing all sorts of goodies at fans of the series. One of the neatest is a new Game & Watch device that’s packing the NES version of Super Mario Bros., as well as The Lost Levels and a re-skinned version of Ball featuring Mario.

Game & Watch was, or is, Nintendo’s super-small handheld console series that had a single game hard-coded into its design. Their small size and weight, and the inclusion of the on screen time and a kickstand, meant that they could be used as a clock when you were out and about.

A stripped-down version of Super Mario Bros. was released for the format in 1986, although this edition has a full-color screen and offers the full game. Or games, since as well as the NES title, you’ll also get The Lost Levels, the version of Super Mario 2 that was only released in Japan.

When the Game & Watch series itself turned 30, Nintendo offered Club Nintendo members a special, limited edition of its first title, Ball. For the unaware, Ball tasked you with keeping two balls in the air (and only had two buttons to help you do so!), which passed for entertainment in 1980.

Game & Watch

Because this is the 35th anniversary edition, Nintendo says that there are 35 little touches for fans to find both inside and outside the hardware. If you fancy delving in, you’ll be able to do so on November 13th so long as you throw $50 at your nearest electronics retailer.