Nintendo's Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit sets are just $60 at Amazon

Both the Mario and Luigi racing kits are 40 percent off for a limited time.


If the announcement of 48 additional Mario Kart 8 courses has you itching for some real-life Nintendo racing, a new deal at Amazon might be right up your street. Right now, both the Mario and Luigi Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit sets are down to $60 from $100 (a 40 percent savings), giving you the ability to create and zoom around custom racetracks using Switch controllers in your own home. While not all-time lows, they're still some of the best deals we've seen at the retailer.

Buy Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Mario Set at Amazon - $60 Buy Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Luigi Set at Amazon - $60

Both Home Circuit sets provide gates that you can place around a room to create a racetrack, plus a camera-equipped kart that is piloted by Mario or Luigi. Each set only offers one car, which can be used in single-player mode, so you'll need more than one set if you fancy some multiplayer action. Courses typically require around a 10 x 12 foot area — but once the track is set, you can use the Joy-Cons of your Switch to control your racer.

Tracks can be moved and the game will make things interesting by setting racers in different worlds, including tricky underwater and 8-bit areas. Like in Mario Kart, in-game items will speed up or slow down your kart, meaning no two races are the same.

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