'Mario Strikers Battle League' hits the Switch June 10th

It's the first Mario soccer game in nearly 15 years.


Mario Strikers isn’t the most popular of the Mario sub-franchises, but it does have its devotees. Today was their day with the announcement of the latest game in the series, Mario Strikes Battle League, for the Nintendo Switch. This is only the third Mario Strikers game ever, following Super Mario Strikers on the GameCube and Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii, released way back in 2007. So yeah, it’s been a decade and a half since we last saw a Mario-themed soccer game, making today’s announcement quite a surprise.

However, as go all sports in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Strikers Battle League adds some distinct fantasy twists to the “most beautiful game.” The titular game, “Strike,” is described as a “heavy on offense” five-on-five sport. And by offense they mean aggressively so, with the ability to slam opponents, throw items and even use special attacks. Players can also customize their characters with gear for even more abilities — it’s a lot like the Mario Kart series in that aspect. This new installment will allow up to eight players per match, in four on four teams. And yes, there’s online play, with Club Mode to let you compete with friends, family and strangers over a season.

Because this is a World Cup year, you can expect to see this new title June 10th, though preorders begin today over on Nintendo’s site.