Nintendo's 'Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit' is $10 off at Amazon

Pick up the Luigi set at a record-low price.


Nintendo brought Mario Kart racing to the physical world with the launch of its Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit pack last year. But despite the software being free to download, Home Circuit packs cost $100 each. Now Amazon has the Luigi pack for $10 off, bringing it down to just under $90. While that's admittedly a small discount, it's the best price we've seen on a Home Circuit pack and a decent discount for a Nintendo Switch accessory.

Buy Mario Kart: Home Circuit Luigi pack at Amazon - $89.28

Similarly to the Ring Fit Adventure, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit builds upon the tech in your Nintendo Switch and lets you build your own track and use physical cars to race. You need a Home Circuit pack, which comes with one camera-equipped car and the tools needed to build a race track. And since each pack comes with only one cart, you'll have to buy two if you want to race with friends and family in the same space (there is a single-player mode, though, so you can go about your racing ambitions alone if you please).

Speaking of space, you'll need quite a bit of it — at least a 10 x 12 foot area in which you'll build your race track using the four "gates" in the pack. Once you've set up your raceway around furniture and household items, you can control the included cart using the Joy-Cons on the Switch while it's in handheld mode.

While many will simply want to race for bragging rights, you'll also unlock costumes and vehicles as you do so. The track setup will stay the same unless you move the gates around, but Nintendo injects variety with in-game environments (you may find yourself underwater during one race) as well as the signature Mario Kart items you can collect while zipping around the track. Overall, Home Circuit is a unique way to play a classic Nintendo title that almost anyway — especially Mario Kart diehards — will love.

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