Nintendo Switch Pro Controller returns to $59 at Amazon

Last time we saw it this low was back in July.

Kris Naudus / Engadget

Official Nintendo Switch accessories can be hard to find on sale, but one of our favorites is $11 off at Amazon right now. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is on sale for $59, which is its lowest price ever. It matches a sale we last saw in July and now’s the perfect time for it to come back as we all start crossing things off our holiday shopping lists. Prime members will see the $59 sale price on the product page, but non-Prime members will have to add the controller to their carts to see it.

Buy Switch Pro Controller at Amazon - $59

While the Switch comes with Joy-Cons that are more than capable of being your only controls, we think the Pro Controller is more comfortable to use for long periods of time and for certain types of games. It’s similar in style to Xbox controllers, giving you shoulder buttons, thumb sticks, a D-pad and more. If you’re mostly playing action-adventure titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you may try the Pro Controller once and find it far more convenient to use than the standard Joy-Cons.

But as with any first-party accessory, there are a ton of knock-offs made by third-parties that often undercut the Pro Controller’s normal $70 price tag. If you opt for Nintendo’s solution, you’ll get features like an infrared sensor, vibration capabilities and amiibo support — which are things that many third-party controllers lack. You’ll also get a USB-C to A cable for charging.

And if you’re looking for Switch games to gift this season, Pokemon Sword and Shield are both on sale right now for $40 on Amazon (again, Prime members will see the price on the page while everyone else must add the game to their cart to see it). A Pro Controller and one of these games would make a solid gift for almost any avid Switch player, or you could treat yourself without steering too far away from your budget.

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