Nintendo makes it easier to transfer Switch screenshots to phones and PCs

Switch's new software update comes with new methods to transfer photos and videos.


The latest software update for the Nintendo Switch has arrived, and it comes with new ways to upload your screenshots to a phone or a computer. You can now wirelessly transfer both photos and videos of your game to phones or tablets by using the smart device’s camera to scan the QR code your Switch will generate every time you use the feature. All you need to do is go to Album on your console and choose up to 10 photos and one video capture, which is the maximum number of files you can send per batch. After that, just select “Sharing and Editing” and then “Send to Smartphone.”

If you want to transfer files to a PC instead, just get a USB cable that supports data transfer to access the new “Copy to a Computer” feature. The new option lives in the “Manage Screenshots and Videos” section under “Data Management” in Settings. While the new methods still require a bit of effort, they can make transferring screenshots a whole lot easier. In the past, you’d either have to upload your files on Twitter or Facebook or save them to your microSD card first to be able to access them on another device.

The latest software update also adds Nintendo Switch Online to the Home menu to make it easier to view its services. It also comes with a new feature that automatically downloads back—up save data added to the Save Data Cloud that you may want to turn on if you have multiple systems. A Trending section added to the User Page will show you what your friends are playing. Finally, you’ll now be able to prioritize downloads when there are several in progress.