'Nintendo Switch Sports' brings back Wii-style bowling, tennis and more on April 29th

You wanted more Wii Sports, you're getting more Wii Sports.


If you owned a Wii back in the day, you owned a copy of Wii Sports, packaged in with most versions of the console. It was a showcase for the motion controls, an all-ages advertisement for the system and just a plain great time. Its enormous popularity has led many to ask, “will there ever be a Nintendo-made sports collection for the Switch?” In today's Nintendo Direct we finally got an answer.

Nintendo Switch Sports is an upcoming title for the Switch that features activities like badminton, volleyball, tennis, soccer, chambara (sword fighting) and, of course, bowling. It’s a direct sequel and/or descendent of Wii Sports, featuring similar aesthetics, music and yes, customizable Miis. This time around players will use the Joy-Con controllers for the motion aspect, and the game will even include a leg strap for kicking action.

The title supports local and online play, with friends and random matchmaking. Two updates are planned after launch — the first puts in the ability to use the leg strap to play soccer, and the second will add golf to the roster of sports. As for that initial release date? Pick up this game April 29th, making it a great gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day in the US. (Parents and grandparents loved Wii Sports, after all.)