Nintendo's new WarioWare game wants you to move your whole body

'WarioWare: Move It!' will land on Switch on November 3rd.


As expected, Nintendo announced a bevy of new games for the Switch during today's Direct. Among them is another entry in the WarioWare series. This time around, you'll need to use your entire body to succeed at the various microgames.

There are more than 200 microgames in WarioWare: Move It!. It will ask you to hold a pair of Joy-Cons and "move your body to take on a flurry of lightning-fast microgames," according to Nintendo. You'll need to sync your movements with what you see on the screen to win.

The games include ones in which you swing your arms to skate faster, wriggle to free your character from being tied up and pretend to use a towel to clean your back. There's also one that appears to use a sliding section from Super Mario 64. There's local co-op for up to four players as well. WarioWare: Move It! will land on Switch on November 3rd.