Nintendo's 'Ring Fit Adventure' is back on sale for $55

That's $25 off and a return to its Black Friday price.

Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

If you're looking for a more engaging way to work out in the new year, Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure could do the trick. The game forces you to do things like squat, jog in place and more to move your character through a fantasy world, making it a more interesting way to work out at home, especially during the winter months. Amazon has the pack for $55, or $25 off its usual price, and it's currently in stock as of writing this, so you can get your hands on it fairly quickly. The price only appears on the product page if you're a Prime subscriber, but it's available for all and it will show up once you have the game in your cart.

Buy Ring Fit Adventure at Amazon - $55

Designed to work with the Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure tracks motion using the console's Joy-Cons. One straps to the provided ring while the other attaches to a leg strap so it can keep track of both upper- and lower-body movements. Like regular games that don't have a sneaky exercise component, you'll design your character when you first boot up the title and they'll immediately be plopped into a new world that's ready to be explored. Only here, you'll do so by running in place and completing exercises like leg lifts and crunches to defeat enemies.

The Ring Fit Adventure won't replicate a treadmill run or even a strength-training workout video you can follow along, but that's ultimately the point of an exercise-based game like this. It's designed to provide a unique workout that doesn't feel like a regular fitness routine. We also appreciate that the game targets all part of the body with the moves it asks you to do, and you can customize it a bit by choosing the exercises you want to run through. There's also a handy "quiet mode" that removes actions like jumping up and down and instead focuses on lower-impact moves.

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