Nintendo's rumored OLED Switch may arrive in September

It's supposed to have upgraded NVIDIA DLSS graphics and 4K output to a TV.


Nintendo's next-generation Switch could arrive in September or October in time for the holiday season, according to a report from Bloomberg. It may unveil the upgraded console ahead of the E3 conference starting June 12th and begin manufacturing it in July.

News first surfaced about an upgraded Switch as far back as 2018, with the rumor being that Nintendo would swap out the LCD display for an OLED model. The latest leaks point to a "Switch Pro" (or whatever it's called) with a 7-inch 720p OLED screen and NVIDIA Tegra graphics with DLSS that will allow it to output 4K to a TV.

The Switch has gone largely unchanged since it debuted, though it was quietly upgraded with longer battery life in 2019 and Nintendo brought out the Switch Lite the same year. As with other electronic devices, the current Switch model has been hard to find due to shortages in key parts like memory and processors. However, Nintendo's suppliers are reportedly "confident" that they can fulfill orders for the next-gen Switch despite those issues.

“Production lines are better prepared for the potential component shake-up and the parts Nintendo is using are subject to less competition than those in its rivals’ more powerful consoles,” Bloomberg's report states. "Still, the company's ability to meet consumer demand won't be guaranteed."